Ute Friederike Schernau was born in Essen in Germany’s industrial heartland, the Ruhr Area, in 1978. She studied with Katharina Bosse and gained her Diploma in Photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. Her work has been exhibited in Brooklyn, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, amongst other places. Schernau has participated in and won a number of awards. In her work, she focuses on portraits and productions in which she can artistically explore topics such as naturalness and sustainability. She has worked with and continues to work for well-known magazines and newspapers such as The Guardian Weekend Magazine, Die Zeit, Nido and Neon. Ute Friederike Schernau lives in Münster, where she just finished a book project on the topic of plastic with her two young sons.



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Ute Friederike Schernau geboren * 1978 in Essen, Deutschland. Fotografiestudium an der FH Bielefeld bei Professorin Katharina Bosse. Diplom 2007. Lebt in Münster und hat gerade ein Buchprojekt über das Material fotografiert, welches derzeit unseren Planeten überschwemmt: Plastik.



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